Staying focused on your needs is essential at the flooring company. That is especially critical when you have residents with hypoallergenic concerns.

A hypoallergenic product, whether the capability is inherent or created through modern technology, lowers your chance of having allergic reactions. These products resist moisture, mold, mildew, dust mites, and germs.

Also, a hypoallergenic floor doesn't emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or chemicals. However, be mindful of using hypoallergenic adhesives, cushions, and other materials.


There are many reasons to love wood flooring. That includes natural beauty, easy maintenance, and real estate value adding.

And they’ll always look like new floors when kept clean. That's easy enough with regular dust mopping, vacuuming, and refinishing when needed.

Since hardwood comes from nature, there aren’t toxins or chemicals. Moreover, even when cut, the trees will continue to remove carbon dioxide and oxygenate surroundings, resulting in improved indoor air quality.


Tile is composed of clay that comes directly from the earth. It also has a hard surface that won't trap pollutants and other materials that exacerbates allergies.

Dust and dirt have nowhere to hide, and they're easy to clean with no harsh cleaners. Be sure any grout sealants on your new floors are also emission-free.


Wool carpets are natural, chemical, and toxic-free. In addition, synthetic rugs are resistant to mold when helped clean.

Carpet fibers act as air filters by trapping pollutants in fibers. They remain there until scrubbed out with deep cleaning instead of letting them circulate in the air.


Cork floors are natural and won't harbor pollen, mildew, or other particles that exacerbate respiratory problems. They also don't emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

To learn more about hypoallergenic surfaces. Then, feel free to come into our flooring store.

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